Update Log #9

Update Log #9  

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Today we have two changes. They aren't very exciting but they are important to have.

Horses, item frames, paintings, and item frames are now lockable.
Make sure you right click them rather than left click when locking these.

Town mayors can now use a command called /clearprotections. This will remove any locked chests, furnaces, etc in the chunk you're standing in for any player that has been inactive from the server for at least 7 days. This allows mayors to remove those pesky indestructible containers that are left when a player stops playing, etc.

The contents of the chests will be returned to the player who owned them automatically. When they next log in they can type /claimplot to withdraw their items. 
Moderators will also be able to forcefully remove a player's locked chests in the instance where the chests are not in a town claim or the player has been offline for less than 7 days.

Posted : 07/01/2021 6:55 am
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