Update Log #12

Update Log #12  

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Hello everyone,

Here's a summary of the recent updates we've done. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming easter event!


Added a new /warp market where players can rent a shop. You can see the post about it here


Buffed voting, nova and supernova crates. Most of the statistics have been changed. You can see the post about it here.

Also significantly buffed the refer crates. Added rare essences, solarian dusts and a chance to get a nova crate to the rewards.


Added a new nation role called Majesty. This is an equivalent rank to Co-Mayor for towns, just for nations. It has the same permissions as nation king, and will be there for nations who wants to have more than 1 leader.

Small Fixes

Fixed the issue with warped and crimson items not having the option to be locked. Also added the ability to lock buttons and pressure plates.

TP-pads pressure plates can be locked, but it wont block any teleportation. 

Made a /c shortcut for /craft.

Fixed the issue with hoglins at the nether resource. They will still spawn, but no longer attack players.


Thank You!


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