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SkyCity: Looking for Devoted, Committed, Serious, and Fun Townies!  

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Hello all!

I am Status (StatusRecovery) and founder of the town called SkyCity. It is the city high above the clouds into the stars. It is currently early in the server and I am looking for residents who are looking to make a permanent home in a city primarily located and built floating well past the clouds (but before the max sky limit for construction and building delight). Potentials residents should be serious about devoting to making SkyCity a majestic and aesthetically pleasing community for all (but please do build at your hearts and vision's desire! This game is made for fun and enjoyment after all). Note: SkyCity will also claim territory rights to the surface land and all underground; as a resident you are welcome to build and make your home on the surface - basically anywhere vertically!

I, Status, will be dedicated to being a master builder of the server and will provide resources such as teleportation pads, building blocks, materials, and much more resources for the residents of SkyCity to use. I will make it my point to make and provide resources a primary major benefit as a resident of SkyCity.

PRIZES: Special rare SkyCity only events and "corporate" parties will be held for distinguished SkyCity residents and will include prizes to celebrate our city such as highly sought after crates and booster packages such as the 30x Supernova Crate and Rankup Donator Rank All Players Booster (refer to website for value of prizes).


Send me a DM on discort (USERNAME: Status(Lorenzo)🎄🎅🎁🌟❄🥂 #0001) or /msg in-game and I will be more than happy to give you a personalized orientation for SkyCity at your gaming convenience. Decide after the orientation if SkyCity is for you. Hassle free.

Thank you and enjoy playing here at SolsticeMC. See you around the world community!


Status Recovery
Mayor, SkyCity

Posted : 12/12/2020 10:57 am
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