Easter Event

Easter Event  

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Easter Event


Happy Spring everyone!

We are so excited to finally release our long awaited Spring and Easter Event and sincerely apologize for the delay. To get to the arena, simply type /warp Easter.

The island is overrun with bunnies and you need to egg them! To get the Egg Cannons, type /easter. Throw these at the bunnies to transform them, which you can trade for Egg Tokens and assorted spawn eggs in /easter, as well. Spawn eggs cost 500 Rabbit Spawn Eggs, while Egg Tokens cost 1000. You can also trade the Egg Tokens with the Merchants scattered around the map for special Spring Collectibles!

We also have a secret egg hunt! There are hdb eggs hidden around the map. Click them when you find them. Find all of them to receive a special reward! There is a tutorial at the event spawn to give you a short explanation.

Remember, there is also a sale going on in our store, and this event will last for two weeks, until Sunday, April 25th.

Happy Spring and happy egging!

Posted : 12/04/2021 7:33 pm