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We're Back!

After a long wait, we decided to return and bring back the server many played and missed! Check out the features below and hope to see you playing soon!


SolsticeMC uses towny so you can play with your friends in your own custom towns!


Build up wealth, and buy and sell your ore, weapons, and other items with others in our lively economy.


We are a survival server, where you can fight mobs, and try your best to survive at night!


Earn your way through the ranks by choosing your own profession, and competing against your friends!

Custom Items

We have our own custom items and ways to earn and craft your own!


Earn a variety achievements by playing which earn you cosmetics, and other awesome loot!

Our Community Promise

We are not a for profit server. All donations go back into the server to grow and maintain the best server we can!

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